Dux Acrylic Topcoat Satin


Type: Acrylic Topcoat
Finish: Clear Satin
Sizes: Half Pint, Pint and Quart
Coverage: Approximately 300 square feet per gallon.
Made in USA

Non-reactive, mineral spirit based, water-clear, non-yellowing acrylic sealer for both genuine and metal leaf
Made from acrylic co-polymers which provides protection from abrasion, water, alcohol and ultra violet light.

The Topcoat can be tinted with Mixol or other compatible tints to tone the gilded or leafed surface or even used as a paint medium for mica powders.

Dry time is 1-3 hours (depending on temperature and humidity) and will hard cure over night.

Application can be with either spray or brush and may be thinned with mineral spirits which can also be used for clean-up of brushes and equipment

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