Bronze and aluminum powders are metallic pigments used to impart a gold or silver color. They consist of fine particles of brass (copper and zinc) or pure aluminum. Bronze powders are also called bronze flakes or bronze pigments and are issued from the milling process of the bronze granules. Oxidized shades are unique as they are achieved by heating the metal until a new color develops.
Exterior pigments are silica coated for better stability, excellent outdoor durability and tarnish resistance. Do not use exterior pigments if a patina or tarnished effect is required. Exterior pigments are always recommended for usage in exposed areas or harsh damp environments.
The metallic color obtained from the milling process gives a very brilliant, mirror-like effect to the powders and this mirror-like effect makes the bronze powders suitable for a wide range of applications ranging from paints, coatings, plastics, to printing inks and others.
Grades of coarse particle size are more brilliant than grades of fine particle size, while grades of fine particle size will have a higher coverage capacity in cm²/gram.

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