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No other metals boast such a rich and mystical history as Gold and Silver. Tracing back to ancient times, these rare elements came to represent many things to many people.

Easy Leaf Products has been serving the Professionals and the Artisans for over 50 years. The company’s success comes from our long standing relationships with the most reputable European Gold Leaf Manufacturers and their brands. Our experience has allowed us to build the most comprehensive selection of products in the industry. This has allowed us to fulfill the extensive requirements of our wide range of customers.

Our selection of Genuine Gold and Genuine Silver Leaf includes all of the industry’s standards such as 24 karat, 23 karat, 22 karat as well as 18 Karat Lemon Gold, 12 Karat White Gold, Palladium, Moongold and other precious metals.

Also, we offer a full range of Imitation Gold Leaf, also known as Dutch Metal Leaf, Imitation Silver Leaf, also known as Aluminum, and Pure Copper Leaf.

Our full line of Gilding Supplies ensures that our customers have the finest tools and accessories available to them.

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22.00 Karat Rose Gold

$70.50 - $72.25

Rosegold #88

$1.00 - $31.50

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Steelwool Rolls

$6.00 - $95.00